Paris Young Economists Seminar on Digital Economics

A local seminar on topics of the digital economy for PhD students and Postdoctoral researchers based in Paris

Calendar for the academic year 2020/2021

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Past seminars

  • July 1st: Raphaela Andres (Telecom Paris and ZEW): The Effect of Hate Speech Regulation on German
    Youssouf Camara (Telecom Paris):
    Contactless Payments and Merchant Resiliency: Evidence from
    France in the Time of COVID-19

  • June 17th: Noémie Dié (Telecom Paris): What triggers consumer adoption of CBDC?
    ( Bijlsma et al. 2021, WP) (RG)

  • June 3rd: Angela Munoz (Telecom Paris): Entry Into Fiber and State Aid for the Deployment
    of High-Speed Internet: Evidence from France
    Clement Gras (PSE):
    Information Overload in Organizations: Introducing
    Communication Complexity in Mechanism Design without transfers (PP)

  • May 20th: Adrien Raizonville (Telecom Paris) (RG)
    Enrick Arnaud (Telecom Paris) (

  • May 6th: Risiene Mazengani (University Paris-Saclay) (RG)
    Dali Karray (Telecom Paris) (

  • April 22nd: Guillaume Thébaudin (Telecom Paris) (RG)
    Pierre-Francois Darlas (Telecom Paris) (

  • April 15th: Chiara Belletti (Telecom Paris) (RG): "Gender wage gap in online gig economy and gender differences in job preferences" (Liang et al., 2018, WP)
    Dilia Olivo (Telecom Paris) (
    RG) "Investigating and Mitigating Degree-Related Biases in Graph
    Convolutional Networks", (Tang et al. , 2020,

  • April 1st: Hannes Marks (Telecom Paris and ZEW): The Private Impact of Public Data: Landsat Satellite
    Maps Increased Gold Discoveries and Encouraged Entry
    (Nagaraj, forthcoming, ManSci)
    Felix Schleef (ENSAE): Repositioning Dynamics and Pricing Strategy (Ellickson, Misra, Nair, JMR)

  • March 25th: Francisco Magalhaes Barros (Telecom Paris) (PP): The Local Economic Impact of Broadband
    Internet in Brazil

  • March 18th: Astrid Bertrand (Telecom Paris) (RG): The impact of the Fourth Anti-Money Laundering Directive on
    the valuation of EU banks (
    by Premti, Jafarinejad and Balani in Research in International Business
    and Finance)

  • March 4th: Angela Munoz (Telecom Paris) (RG):
    Does state aid for broadband deployment in rural areas close the digital and economic divide?
    (Briglauer et al. 2019,
    Information Economics and Policy)

  • February 18th: Théo Marquis (University Paris-Saclay) (RG): Social Networks Shape Beliefs and Behavior:
    Evidence from Social Distancing During the COVID-19 Pandemic
    (Bailey et al. 2021, NBER WP)

  • February 11th: Ariane Cherel (University Paris-Saclay) (PP):
    Monnaies Digitales de Banque Centrale, usages et gouvernance

  • January 14th: Francisco Magalhaes Barros (Telecom Paris) (RG)
    Hugo Allouard (University Paris-Saclay) (PP)

  • December 17th: Guillaume Thébaudin (Telecom Paris) (PP)
    Théo Marquis (University Paris-Saclay) (PP)

  • December 3rd: Enrick Arnaud (Telecom Paris): Entry and upstream competition in the Chilean telecom

  • November 19th: Risienne Mazengani (University Paris-Saclay) : Understanding Content Contribution Behavior in a Geo-Segmented Mobile Virtual Community: The Context of Waze, written by
    , Kim, Susarla and Sambamurthy (RG)

  • November 5th: Adrien Raizonville (Telecom Paris) (PP)
    Enxhi Leka (IMT Business School) (

  • October 22nd: Youssouf CAMARA (Telecom Paris):
    Card-Sales Response to Merchant Contactless Payment Acceptance: Causal Evidence (PP)

  • October 15th: Welcome session for new students

  • October 8th: Morgane Cure (ENSAE): Vertical integration of platforms and product prominence (PP)

Timing: Presentations take place Thursdays 11:00am Paris time. You can import the schedule as Google Calendar here and the ICS File here.

Reminders: For subscribing, please contact the organizers.

Venue: All presentations (if not indicated otherwise) may take place online or at Telecom Paris, 19 place Marguerite Perey, 91120 Palaiseau.


Telecom Paris: Laurie Ciaramella, Ulrich Laitenberger

Institut Mines Telecom, Business School: Grazia Cecere, Nicolas Soulié