Paris Seminar on the Economics of Digitization

Calendar 2019/2020

Our invited seminars until summer have been postponed. In the meantime, we would like to promote the following online seminars:

  1. Virtual Digital Economy Seminar, Thursday, 5pm-6pm CET

  2. MaCCI/EPoS Virtual IO Seminar Series, Thursday, 3-4:15pm CET (currently often on privacy and competition)

We wish everybody a nice spring!

Past seminars:

  • March 5th: Yassine Lefouili (TSE): Mergers and Demand-Enhancing Innovation

  • January 30th: Ulrich Kaiser (University of Zurich) (Room 3A327 ):

Strategic Product Variety Choice: Theory and Empirical Evidence

  • January 16th (Room: 3A306): Miguel Godinho de Matos (Catolica-Lisbon) :

Consumer Consent and Firm Targeting after GDPR: The Case of a Large Telecom Provider

  • (Friday) December 13th (at Sceaux, Salle Vedel): Alessandro Acquisti (Carnegie Mellon University)

  • November 28th (Room 3A327): Axel Gautier (HEC Liège):

Competition between integrated incumbents and a platform

  • November 26th (Sceaux ): Workshop on Gender, digital platforms and the NLP method. Registration here. Takes places in Salle Imbert , at Faculté Jean Monnet, 92330 Sceaux.

  • November 14th (Room 3A327): Leonardo Madio (UC Louvain): Exclusive Data, Price Manipulation and Market Leadership

  • October 17th (4pm, room B543) : Christian Peukert (ETH & Catolica-Lisbon):

The Editor vs. the Algorithm: Targeting, Data and Externalities in Online News

  • October 3rd (Room B603): Gaetan de Rassenfosse (EPFL Lausanne):

The effect of patents on prices

  • September 26th (Room B543): Luis Aguiar (University of Zurich):

Playlisting Favorites: Is Spotify Gender-Biased?

  • September 12th (Room B603): Estrella Gomez Herrera (European Union - Institute for Prospective Technological Studies):

Is There a Gender Wage Gap in Online Labor Markets? Evidence from over 250,000 Projects and 2.5 Million Wage Bill Proposals

General Information

The Economics of Digitization seminar is jointly organized by Institut Mines Télécom, Business School, Telecom Paris and the University of Paris-Sud.


Presentations take place at 2pm, usually at

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