Digital Economics Paris - Seminars

A joint initiative of Institut Mines Télécom - Business School, Telecom Paris, and the University of Paris-Saclay. This list includes seminars in cooperation with the jDES network.

Calendar - Fall 2021

Two seminar series are organized during Fall 2021. The joint Digital Economics Seminar (jDES) is online and organized in cooperation with the jDES network.

  • Sep/10, 15.00 [jDES]: Garrett Johnson (Questrom School of Business): Regulating Privacy Online: An Economic Evaluation of the GDPR (joint with S. Goldberg and S. Shriver)

  • Oct/08, 15.00 [jDES]: Yevgeniya Shevstova (JRC): Whistling in the dark? Equity market reactions to Digital Service Tax proposals (joint with E. Gomez-Herrera and C. Reggiani)

  • Nov/12, 15.00 [jDES]: Alessandro De Chiara (Universitat de Barcelona): Efficient copyright filters for online hosting platforms (joint with E. Manna, A. Rubí-Puig, and A. Segura-Moreiras )

  • Dec/10, 15.00 [jDES]: Luis Aguiar (University of Zürich): Experts, Crowds, and Gender Differences in Online Movie Reviews

After one year of online meetings, we are planning to go back with an in-person seminar series, on Thursday at Télécom Paris, Institut Polytechnique de Paris (Palaiseau, 31 boulevard Thomas Gobert).

  • Sep/23, 14:00: Antoine Dubus (ETH Zürich): Data-Driven Mergers and Acquisitions with Information Synergies

  • Nov/25, 14:00: Nikhil Vellodi (PSE): Insider Imitation (joint with Erik Madsen)

  • Dec/2, 14:00: Maria Guadalupe (INSEAD): Clarity, Communication and Trust in Teams: Evidence from an Agile Organization (ONLINE)

  • Dec/16, 14:00: Philippe Gagnepain (PSE): Absorptive Capacity, Knowledge Spillovers and Incentive Contracts (joint with Luis Aguiar)


  • Paris Seminars take place on Thursday, 14:00-16:00 (CET).

  • The jDES usually takes place on Friday from 15:00 to 16:00 (CET).

Reminders: Events are distributed by our Paris mailing list (subscribe here) and by the jDES mailing list (subscribe here). Follow us also on Twitter.

Online calendar: You can import the schedule as Google Calendar here and the ICS File here.