Paris Young Economists Seminar on the Economics of Digitization

Calendar 2019/2020

We wish anybody a great summer and look forward to seeing you again in fall!

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Past seminars

  • July 9th: Francisco MAGALHAES BARROS (Telecom Paris and Anatel) : Reading Group: The Arrival of Fast Internet and Employment in Africa (by Hjort and Poulsen, AER, 2019)

  • July 2nd: Guillaume THÉBAUDIN (Telecom Paris) Reading Group: Should Amazon be allowed to sell on its own marketplace? (by Hagiu, Teh and Wright, 2020)

  • June 18th: Enxhi LEKA (RITM, Université Paris-Saclay) Paper replication: Has the Increased Attachment of Women to the Labor Market Changed a Family's Ability to Smooth Income Shocks? (by Olga Gorbachev, AER 2016)

  • May 14th: Youssouf CAMARA (Telecom Paris) Presentation: Consumers’ Mobility, Expenditure and Online-Offline Substitution Response to COVID-19: Evidence from French Transaction Data

  • May 7th: Risienne MAZENGANI (Université Paris-Saclay) Reading Group: Seizing the Commuting Moment: Contextual Targeting Based on Mobile Transportation Apps (Ghose, Kwon,Lee and Oh, ISR 2019)

  • April 30th: Clara JEAN (RITM, Université Paris-Saclay) Reading Group: The Economic Consequences of Data Privacy Regulation: Empirical Evidence from GDPR (Guy Aridor, Yeon-Koo Che, Tobias Salz)

  • April 23rd: Hugo ALLOUARD (Université Paris-Saclay) (Reading Group): Reading Group: Threat of platform‐owner entry and complementor responses: Evidence from the mobile app market (Wen Wen and Feng Zhu)

  • April 16th: Adrien RAIZONVILLE (Telecom Paris): Explainability choice of AI decisions (Presentation)

  • April 9th: Enrick ARNAUD-JOUFRAY (Telecom Paris) Reading Group: A model of biased intermediation (A. de Cornière and G. Taylor)

  • April 2nd: Théo MARQUIS (RITM, Université Paris Sud) Reading Group: Frontiers: Machines vs. Humans: The Impact of Artificial Intelligence Chatbot Disclosure on Customer Purchases (Xueming Luo, Siliang Tong, Zheng Fang, Zhe Qu)

  • March 12th (Room 3A327): Angela MUÑOZ (Telecom Paris): Impact of Roaming Regulation on Revenues and Prices of Mobile Operators in the EU (Presentation)

  • February 6th (Room 3A306): Youssouf CAMARA (Telecom Paris): The Spatial and Temporal Dynamics of Online and Offline Consumer Expenditure in over 20 Billion Transactions (Presentation)

  • January 30th (Room: 3A327 ): Julien MONARDO (Telecom Paris) : The Flexible Inverse Logit Model (Presentation)

  • January 16th (10:30am in room 3A306):

    • Guillaume THEBAUDIN (Telecom Paris): Consumer data sharing behavior in dynamics: Introducing the Right to Erasure (Presentation)

    • Enrick ARNAUD (Telecom Paris): Platforms market power in online labor markets

  • November 28th (Room 3A327): Connie LEE (Mines ParisTech): Presentation: Buyouts and Innovation Incentives: The Case of the Great Recession

  • November 14th: Angela MUÑOZ (Telecom Paris): Reading Group: Evaluating a decade of mobile termination rate regulation (Christos Genakos and Tomasso Valleti)

  • October 17th (Room B543, 11am): Adrien RAIZONVILLE (Telecom Paris): Reading Group: Price Manipulation in Peer-to-Peer Markets (Vladimir Pavlov and Ron Berman, available here)

  • October 3rd (Room B603): Ju QIU (Université Paris-Dauphine): Social Media, Corporate Scandal and Firm Value

  • September 19th (Room B603): Willy LEFEZ (TSE): Price Recommendation and Data Collection (Presentation)

General Information

All presentations (if not indicated otherwise) take place from 11am to noon at Telecom Paris, 19 place Marguerite Perey, 91120 Palaiseau.

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Telecom Paris: Laurie Ciaramella, Ulrich Laitenberger

Institut Mines Telecom, Business School: Grazia Cecere