Paris PhD Seminar on the Economics of Digitization

Calendar 2017/2018

All seminars of the academic year 2017/2018 are finished. We thank the speakers and the audience for its participation and wish you happy holidays!

Past seminars

  • Sep 7th: Jordana Viotto (Telecom ParisTech):

Quality versus Quantity in Platform Competition: Empirical Evidence from Crowdfunding Websites (Discussion: Yann Balgobin)

  • Sep 28th: Ambre Nicolle (Université de Montpellier):

Are Consumers Myopic? Evidence from Handset and Mobile Choices

  • Oct 12th: Martin Quinn (Telecom ParisTech) :

Targeting Advertising Preferences (Discussion: Jean-Marc Zogheib)

  • Oct 26th: Antoine Dubus (Telecom ParisTech):

Selling Strategic Information in Digital Competitive Markets (Discussion: Alexis Larousse)

  • Nov 16th: Yann Balgobin (Telecom ParisTech):

Financial privacy and credit attribution (Discussion: Morgane Cure)

  • Nov 23th: Xavier Lambin (TSE): (Room B547!!!)

Moral hazard in a platform and a reputation system (Discussion: Martin Quinn)

  • Dec 7th: Morgane Cure (CREST):

Substitution between Online Distribution Channels : An Empirical Evaluation on the Scandinavian Hotel Industry (Discussion: Ambre Nicolle)

  • Jan 9th (Tuesday): Elie Ji-Yun Sung (School of Public Policy, Georgia Institute of Technology):

Evaluation of a policy change weakening patents and its heterogeneous effect on firm innovation (Discussion: Arrah-Marie Jo)

  • Jan 18th: Clara Jean (Université Paris Sud):

Algorithm bias and online discrimination (Discussion: Jordana Viotto)

  • Feb 1st: Alexis Larousse (ENSAE ParisTech):

Upstream merger and downstream technology adoptions (Discussion: Vincent Lefrere)

  • Feb 15th: Flora Ngando (University of Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines):

Changing Their Tune : How Consumers' Adoption of Online Streaming Affects Musics Consumption and Discovery (by Datta, Knox and Bronnenberg, 2017 Link) Seminar was cancelled

  • Mar 1st: Vincent Lefrere (Université Paris Sud):

Economics of free mobile application and personal data (Discussion: Adrien Raizonville)

  • Mar 15th: Simona Wagner (ZEW Mannheim and University of Luxembourg):

The Effect of Broadband Internet on Firm Entries and Exits (Discussion: Angela Muñoz)

  • Apr 12th: Arrah-Marie Jo (Télécom ParisTech):

Information disclosure and incentives in innovation contests - an empirical analysis of bug bounty programs (Discussion by Simona Wagner, ZEW)

  • Apr 26th: Angela Muñoz (Télécom ParisTech):

Entry of Uber, Alcohol-Related Traffic Accidents and Differences by Gender: Empirical Evidence from Chile (Discussion by Xavier Lambin, TSE)

  • May 24th (date changed!): Jean-Marc Zogheib (Télécom ParisTech):

Mixed Competition in Next Generation Networks (Discussion by Antoine Dubus)

  • June 14th: Louis Pape (École Polytechnique):

Freemium in Digital Markets : Evidence from an Online Game (Discussion by Clara Jean)

General Information

All presentations ( if not indicated otherwise) take place

  • from 5pm to 6pm

  • in Room B603 at Telecom ParisTech, 46 Rue Barrault, 75013 Paris.

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